The evidence of leadership is the presence of followers and the measure of leadership is its ability to achieve superior results through others (and not by the accumulation of competencies).

As a leader your key responsibilities are to:

  • Provide direction
  • Engage people in that direction

Providing direction (strategy and strategic planning) extends well beyond the aspirational feel-good visions and missions that many organisations seem seduced by.
Strategy is a coherent response to identified challenges facing the organisation. Until you are clear about your major challenges you cannot develop a coherent response and until you have a coherent response you cannot provide direction.

Engaging people is more than communicating a vision, consulting with your people and has little to do with incentivising or demanding people perform. Engagement is about influencing people to willingly access their discretionary effort. This is best done through creating environments that emphasise the intrinsic value of the work itself as well as value and develop people.
These environments are what we, at Linnergy, refer to as High Performance Spaces.

High Performance Spaces exhibit five characteristics – they are safe, accessible, challenging, productive and connected. As leader, one of your first challenges is to ensure all spaces are and remain High Performance Spaces, for a high performance culture is built one space at a time.

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